Safety Flooring

Joe Walsh Flooring supply high-quality safety flooring to our diverse range of commercial customers which includes schools, hospitals, restaurants etc. Safety flooring is available in different grades depending on the specifications required and the risk of spillages and slipping. We take your safety very seriously and will always advise on the best safety flooring solution based on your business and the work you do.

If you’re interested in having high-quality safety flooring installed contact Joe Walsh Flooring. We offer all our flooring solutions at competitive prices.

Benefits of Safety Flooring

  • Slip Resistant – the most important benefit of safety flooring is that it is slip resistant, greatly reducing the risk of injury in the workplace. We have different grades of safety flooring available depending on the type of work your business does and the risks involved.
  • Anti-bacterial – our safety flooring solutions also provide a great barrier against infection, a useful addition for many commercial operations.
  • Comfort – our safety flooring is easy on your feet making it very comfortable to walk on.
  • Easily Maintained – our safety flooring is easy to maintain, requiring only general cleaning to keep it in good condition.