PVC Flooring

We supply and install PVC flooring for use in a variety of businesses. Our PVC flooring solutions come in a wide range of designs and colours and our skilled installation team ensure your new floor is ready in as little time as possible. Our PVC flooring solutions are a great option due to their durability and affordability, with solutions available to match any budget.
If you’re interested in having high-quality PVC flooring installed contact Joe Walsh Flooring. We offer all our flooring solutions at competitive prices.

Benefits of PVC Flooring

  • Affordable – our PVC flooring solutions are offered at extremely affordable prices. We will always try to find a suitable option for your budget.
  • Easy Installation – PVC flooring is relatively easy to install and with our experienced, highly skilled installation team you will experience little-to-no downtime.
  • Easily Maintained – PVC flooring requires little effort to maintain. We recommend some regular general cleaning to ensure it remains in optimum condition.